We are a company, a dream, a tribe, a mission, a brand; we’re a bunch of makers, thinkers, artisans, designers, engineers and ordinary people who simply like to dance and play. 

We make products, namely home décor. From upcycled paper, cardboard, wood and metal. We’re building a company focused on industrial upcycling and making a bold aesthetic statement about the design of eco-friendly products. We aim to shift common perspectives of what used materials can create; how mass produced home decor can look, feel, cost and, most importantly, impact our planet. We are a conscientious collective making striking, functional, organic, playful, smart, and provocative, one-of-a-kind products for the socially conscious, home goods consumer.

Because purchasing eco-friendly goods and living sustainably doesn’t have to be about drab aesthetics, plain old cardboard, a flavorless existence and making do by going without. On the contrary, we believe that a sustainable lifestyle can, and should, be about color, vitality, creativity and abundance, which can all be generated by going with-in ourselves.

Ultimately, we care. About each other and about our precious planet. We are, first and foremost, compassionate human beings, absorbed in our shared humanity. And we’re committed to thriving in a life filled with sharing and caring, believing and striving, dancing and playing, and always, joyfully, abundantly, loving.

Join us. Dance with us. Play with us. Make an impact, with us.


AnaCheza‘he/she dances or plays’ in Swahili.