On kicking yourself

In the ass. 

I was praying, begging: "Please God, please, please, please let me get into Brooklyn Flea so I can show the Brooklynites my awesome cubes, and start to make money, and people get to see me, and become uber popular, and sell out in seconds! Plleeeaaassseeee!!!"

Nope, I needed an ass-kicking. From myself. Because sometimes it's beyond necessary. And not just a soft nudge mind you, a hard, feel it in your butt-bones, leave a stamp on your ass-cheeks, shove. 

This is New York City, it's the holiday season, and I'm all scardey cat, worried about getting into one flea market as if it's my only shot?

WAAHHH-PPOOOWW! (i.e. the sound of an ass-lash)