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Let's Get Our G-thang On!

As in our love for the rockin' neighbourhood we call home, GOWANUS BROOOKLYYNN!


On October 18th - 19th the plethora of art studios in Gowanus will open have open doors and plenty of creativity to share.

At the Gowanus Studio Space - AnaCheza's amazing home, we'll be chilling, working and shootin' the breaze with all the lovely folk who grace our halls. 

And you should be there!

Shoot me a note if you might be able to stop by:

166 7th Street,
Brooklyn, NY, 11215

It's #spiritday

A wave of LGBT suicides in 2010 spurred Canadian high school student Brittany McMillan to rally her classmates towards drawing attention to the bully of LGBT youth. She asked them to wear purple, which represents "spirit" in the rainbow Pride flag. Spirit Day now occurs every year on the third Thursday in October, during National Bullying Prevention Month, and has become the most visible day of support for LGBT youth.

If you haven't seen the documentary 'Bully' add it to your to do list. It's a devastating, eye opening glimpse into the heartbreak millions of kids and parents encounter.

Is it wierd...

That I'm looking forward to feeling snow flakes on my forehead? 

I'm a boiling blooded woman who (shockingly) hates the cold. Any, sort, of cold.

Yet quaint, majestic, ephemeral and everlasting. So cool and magical. So personal yet irrelevant.

I hate winter. But I do love snowflakes.

Taking Action: Kenyan Churches on a Mission


"In eastern Kenya, villagers are constructing structures known as sand dams with support from the Mennonite Central Committee. Working through the Utooni Development Organization, a self-help group, villagers in the largely Christian Utooni area are building large concrete walls across a dry riverbed, stopping or slowing down the rapid flow of rainwater to the Indian Ocean.

The simple structures — 231 have been built since 2009 — store water under the riverbed, so it can be used for irrigation, tree planting and domestic consumption throughout the year. With 50 sand dams constructed each year, the area is much cooler and better to live in, according to Esther Mbolu, a resident of Utooni."

via Huffpo

Source: They have responsibility to support ...

Uncertainty, Dreams & A Gypsy

In September I had a dream.

Your move October.


Stuff Learnt


I could not get out of bed. I wasn’t sick, or excessively tired, or even particularly sad. I hadn’t experienced a bad argument or encountered an unexpected disappointment. On the outside there was absolutely nothing wrong. But on the inside? I was petrified.

Were robbers attacking me? Were those gremlins under the bed finally coming out to get me? Was there a meteorite heading to NYC? No, no, and, not that I’m aware of. It was a perfectly beautiful Tuesday afternoon and while the excitement of a brand new chapter in my life awaited me, a chapter I had eagerly and so happily finally brought to life, there I was lying in bed in my Brooklyn apartment. Curtains closed, lights off and shaking with fear.

My mind went through all the worst outcome scenarios that could transpire over the next couple of months and each of them came to the same, heart-stopping conclusion: failure, miserable, humiliating, flat on my face failure, ending up penniless, homeless, my ravaged corpse found under the Brooklyn Bridge, my tombstone encryption reading: ‘Here lies a woman who foolishly dared to tempt stability, who wandered off the normal path to success and who, as nature would have it, got caught in the mighty grips of failure. May she rest in peace.’

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Scared yet?

You should be.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says an estimated 35,000 walrus were photographed about 700 miles northwest of Anchorage on Saturday.

“The gathering of walrus on shore is a phenomenon that has accompanied the loss of summer sea ice as the climate has warmed,” reports Associated Press.


Baby Steps

At what point in a baby's brain does the switch flip from horizontal to vertical? What does it sound like when those neurons start firing like crazy in that tiny space of theirs, when their goo-goo-gaah-gaah dialect yells out 'screw this crawling thing, it's time to head north!', when their hands desert their feet, or their feet kick their hands out of the way...?

Their knees are wobbling, their torso's jiggling, their hands flailing. Vertigo kicking in?

And yet, they stand. And take one precarious step. And another, and perhaps, another. They fall, giggle or cry amidst a background of cheering adults.

Then they try it all over again. Because, why not?

Wheelhouse's, No's & Journeys

"This sort of work is too far outside of our wheelhouse to make sense for us."

And so the journey into no’s begins. Or, if one is more inclined to pursue optimism, the journey towards finding folk to join *my* funky wheelhouse, begins.